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Isla Colina Studio Epoxy Pour

Final Art

This project was great. I had never experimented with epoxy. I plan on making a river table, but I knew there was a learning curve with this product and needed to practice. I was correct.

This was my first attempt at an epoxy pour. I taped the bottom with packing tape and did mixed the colors and poured.
At first it looked awesome but a few hours later all of the epoxy seeped out.

My second attempt was also an epic failure and I do not have a photo because the 2 pieces of wood adhered together and I through it off my porch to break it apart.

I did learn some lessons with this early experiment.

1. It is best not to use wood the is super pores and is not smooth on the bottom.

2. Do not use packing tape. I switched to wrestling mat tape and it has worked great.

Isla Colina Studio Epoxy Pour

Before I added tint and poured, I sanded and taped the bottom of the wood. I think I probably over tapped it but, I was serious about this one being a success.
I used a few C- clamps to hold the wood firmly.

My 3rd attempt was staring to look successful but I was somewhat worried. the 1st 2 projects had failed. Would this one as well.

Isla Colina Studio Epoxy Pour

Once the epoxy set up in about 2 days.

I live in the rainforest so the humidity is very high.

I removed the tape and saw that there was some leakage but it was not to bad.

Isla Colina Studio Epoxy Pour

At this point I was very proud. There was some staining of the wood so I think the next project will be with a darker wood and a more precise pour.

Isla Colina Studio
Finally a project for my new orbital sander.  I started out with the most Corse grit and slowly progressed to a fine paper.    There were a few parts that took a really long time to remove the epoxy.  It was necessary to work slowly and continue sanding with the heavy grit paper.

I stained the wood being careful not to get the stain on the epoxy and hung the art on my porch where the sun wood shine through it.
The image on the right was on a very cloudy day but the next day the sun lit up the colors.

This is the product I used and I also recommend small plastic cups with exact fluid measurements and stirring stick.  These are also available on AmazonFollow the directions exactly.  
You can also use a blow torch to assist in removing the bubbles that will form after the pour.

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I am an adventurous artist and author who lives off the grid, on an island, in the rain forest. Living in this remote location, only accessible by boat, offers me a unique perspective and provides an abundance of inspiration. I have an incredible opportunity to discover new and diverse people, customs and traditions, as well intriguing local indigenous communities. This wonderful experience has truly changed my life and influences my writing and art every day.

I am currently writing and illustrating several children’s picture books and I am looking for an agent.

In addition to my children’s picture books, “Agador and Mila’s Jungle Adventure”, and “Holly The Hummingbird”, I also create tropical watercolor and driftwood paintings, as well as fine art photography.

My island gallery is located on an island in the Bocas del Toro Archipelago, in the Bocas del Toro Province of Panama.

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