Children's picture book - Illustration - full spread
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My Dummy Book – Food Insecurity

I have been writing children’s picture books for about 10 months now. I have learned a great deal and I know I have so much more to learn.

For picture books in particular, it is not only the text that tells the story but the illustrations as well. Writing and illustrating requires wearing 2 hats that merge a manuscript and art into one complimentary work.

Children's picture book - Illustration - full spread
Many of my illustration are powerful and draw you into what the characters are feeling.

I just finished my new dummy/mockup book for submissions to publishers and agents. This has been a labor of love and also a long process. The manuscript started as a little concept about my memories of not having enough food stamps as a child.

This #ownvoice story is so personal to me. They say your story must have heart and voice and be authentic. There was one time as a child, when I could not gather the courage to go into my classroom.

Billie Ann standing outside her classroom
In this sketch, Billie Ann is scared to go in her class because she did not bring anything for the school’s food drive.

Food insecurity is common in today’s trying times. Many families both working and not seem to run short of money after paying their bills. With out this vital community program, families can go hungry and their children do not thrive.

It is my hope that this book is in the hands of parents, teachers and children soon. For more information about me visit my bio page on my website.

Please contact your local food pantry and see what you can do to help.

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