Driftwood paintings - Art projects for 2020 Colina Studio
Art Projects & Community Outreach

Down Time Creativity

If you have something you love to do. Do it!

I personally believe that those who have a hobby or creative outlet, are doing far better during the pandemic.

I have been working on many creative projects lately.

Driftwood paintings and gourd lights - Art projects for 2020 Colina Studio

4 driftwood painting and 3 gourd lamps

Driftwood paintings - Art projects for 2020 Colina Studio

Colorful parrots

A New house sign for my friends - Driftwood painting Colina studio
A new house sign for my pals, Ronie and Cito.
Watercolor Painting by Sheryl Bearman Colina Studio
Watercolor painting of children in a boat in Panama

I have also tie died a few tshirts and have created a dummy book and written a few picture book manuscripts.

About the Author/Artist

I am an adventurous artist and author who lives off the grid, on an remote island, in the rain forest.  My husband Gary and I, are proud of our choice to leave a small footprint and utilize solar power and water catchment. Living in the jungle does have some challenges but it is well worth it.

When I am not out diving, snorkeling or kayaking with my dogs, Margarita and Lili,  you can usually find me in my studio, writing, painting or creating.

You can visit my websites at:

Art www.bocasartist.com

Picture Books – www.picturebookisland.com

Twitter @PBIbooks

email [email protected]