• Photo by Sheryl Bearman during a volunteer project to bring food to remote locations in Panama.
    Art Projects & Community Outreach

    Food Donations Are Delivered!

    This Is Why We Help! Food insecurity is at an all time high everywhere in the world. Between mandatory quarantines and shelter in place orders, people have lost jobs, business and so much more. Many programs are being developed to serve city and rural populations and their growing needs to feed people. In a remote section of Panama, where I currently live, food donations programs help to feed those in need. Local residents are stepping up with donations. and others help to provide transportation and delivery to very remote communities. Some locations, here on the Caribbean coast are only accessible by boat. There are many steps and volunteers in this…

  • Nature & Wildlife

    The Only Monkey On Our Island

    My name is Sheryl and I live off the grid, on a remote tropical island. Our island has no monkey population, or so we thought. Over the last 2 years , we have been pleased to have one monkey visit us. We have no idea how he came to the island but we suspect that he was a pet that was released into the wild. Pablo, has survived on his own for a few years on our island. He most likely feeds off the local banana plants on the island and is a scavenger. He travels great distances and can cover a great deal of territory in one day. The…