Rosibell's Rain Dance
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Rosibell’s Rain Dance

It is said it takes a village to raise a child, but can one girl, dare to take a chance and save her community from a drought?

After raining for days in the rain forest, Rosibell, her family and the whole village face an unforeseen problem.  The rain had stopped, and they started to run out of water.
Everyone was getting very grumpy and concerned as the situation became more desperate.  Days and weeks went by without rain.  Everyone had to share the remaining water, drinking just a bit each day.

Late one night, Rosibell, remembered a story her abuela told her long ago.  She told her about how she once woke up Mother Nature and made it rain.
 “Could this work for me?   Could I dance so loudly that I can wake her up again?” Rosibell thought to herself.  She had to try! She gathered bells, spoons and pot and pans, everything she needed for her giant great plan.
Ring, ring, tankety tank, snapity snap and a clap-clap-clap.
“Wake Up Mother Nature, we need you now!” she screamed.

Rosibell and her grandmother lead the way and demonstrate the strength of girls, women, families and their communities.  This book is a great glimpse into the joys and challenges people face in indigenous communities in Central America.

Rosibell notices that her plants are drying up.

A note from the author:


Sheryl Bearman

This wonderful story direct from the rain forest is based on a true event. A local village near my home, here in the rain forest on the Caribbean Coast of Panama, ran out of water not too long ago. Although the book does not talk about global warming directly, It is a story that can prompt conversations between parent, teachers and children about this issue. We who live in this area and live closely with nature see the climate change first hand. From our waterways and sea life to droughts that are unusual for the rain forest, we all need to have an eco friendly foot print.

I live off the grid on an island in the rain forest. My husband and I are utilizing solar power and water catchment in our home. I love the people here in Panama, they are gentile, kind and do not need immediate gratification. They live a simple life that we can all learn from.

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