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Sneak Preview – Isla Tigre

Isla Tigre, The Boys On The Water by Sheryl Bearman
Sample sneak preview page.


A creative and adventurous story, of 2 young brothers, who live on remote, tropical island, in the rain forest. The boys are visited by monkeys, dolphins, sea turtles and exotic birds.  They even save a small sloth and return him to his grateful mother.  During the rescue, the boys face a hidden danger. This beautifully written, colorfully illustrated book will engage and captivate children and their imaginations.

Meet The Author

Sheryl Bearman

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I am an adventurous artist and author who lives off the grid, on a Caribbean island, in the rain forest.

Living in this remote location, only accessible by boat, offers me a unique perspective and provides an abundance of inspiration.  I have an incredible opportunity to discover new and diverse people, customs and traditions,  as well as, intriguing local indigenous communities, and spectacular island and mountain vistas.  This wonderful experience has truly changed my life and influences my writing and art every day.

I have fond memories of reading time with my children. We curled up in bed or on the couch almost every night to read. Early on, we read numerous wonderful children’s picture books, and even years later, as young adults, they were quite advanced readers by then, I would catch a glimpse of my children rereading their old picture books.  The power and pure joy of those early reading experiences and illustrations are quite remarkable.

I hope my books stimulate children’s imagination and encourage a lifelong love for reading.

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