Children's Books

Working with a Story Board

The start of my story board for The Boys On The Water my 32 Page Children’s Picture Book

Sneak Preview from the book.

The Boys On The Water, is a 32 page Children's Picture Book featuring 2 indigenous brothers on a small coast island in Panama.  What is it like on a typical day in the rain forest? Roni and Cito live on a waterway that is a vital link for travel and fishing. They don't have cellphones or computers.  They live very closely with nature, enjoying the simple pleasures,  like dolphin watching and following leaf cutter ants.
Meet The Author 
Sheryl Bearman, is an author & Illustrator who lives of the coast of Panama, in the rain forest. Sheryl has written 2 additional children's books. Visit her website at Picture Book Island.
Sheryl with a cayuco.

Author, Sheryl with a cayuco. A type of boat or lancha used in the indigenous communities in Panama

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