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    My Illustration Submission

    I am an author/illustrator of children’s picture books and enjoying every creative moment. I am a fine art artist, so transitioning into children’s illustrations has been my goal for about a year now. I am a member of SCBWI and I finally decided on this illustration to submit to my local chapter for an illustration contest. Given a prompt, in this case a story about a turtle and a spider, I developed 2 working illustrations. This was the illustration I chose. I hit enter and sent it. Wish me luck! Meet the author/illustrator. I am an adventurous author, illustrator and artist who lives off the grid, on an island, in…

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    PB Critique Fest

    **** Update: I won the Critque! PB Critique Fest is a great way for writers and illustrators to win a free critique. According to their website 36 critiques are up for grabs. As an aspiring author illustrator I am always on the look out for critiques. This is such an important part of growing your craft. There are onoy a few days left to enter. To enter visit https://www.pbspotlight.com/pbcritiquefest #pbcritiquefest

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    My Dummy Book – Food Insecurity

    I have been writing children’s picture books for about 10 months now. I have learned a great deal and I know I have so much more to learn. For picture books in particular, it is not only the text that tells the story but the illustrations as well. Writing and illustrating requires wearing 2 hats that merge a manuscript and art into one complimentary work. I just finished my new dummy/mockup book for submissions to publishers and agents. This has been a labor of love and also a long process. The manuscript started as a little concept about my memories of not having enough food stamps as a child. This…

  • Driftwood paintings - Art projects for 2020 Colina Studio
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    Down Time Creativity

    If you have something you love to do. Do it! I personally believe that those who have a hobby or creative outlet, are doing far better during the pandemic. I have been working on many creative projects lately. 4 driftwood painting and 3 gourd lamps Colorful parrots I have also tie died a few tshirts and have created a dummy book and written a few picture book manuscripts. I am an adventurous artist and author who lives off the grid, on an remote island, in the rain forest.  My husband Gary and I, are proud of our choice to leave a small footprint and utilize solar power and water catchment.…

  • Photo by Sheryl Bearman during a volunteer project to bring food to remote locations in Panama.
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    Food Donations Are Delivered!

    This Is Why We Help! Food insecurity is at an all time high everywhere in the world. Between mandatory quarantines and shelter in place orders, people have lost jobs, business and so much more. Many programs are being developed to serve city and rural populations and their growing needs to feed people. In a remote section of Panama, where I currently live, food donations programs help to feed those in need. Local residents are stepping up with donations. and others help to provide transportation and delivery to very remote communities. Some locations, here on the Caribbean coast are only accessible by boat. There are many steps and volunteers in this…

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    The Only Monkey On Our Island

    My name is Sheryl and I live off the grid, on a remote tropical island. Our island has no monkey population, or so we thought. Over the last 2 years , we have been pleased to have one monkey visit us. We have no idea how he came to the island but we suspect that he was a pet that was released into the wild. Pablo, has survived on his own for a few years on our island. He most likely feeds off the local banana plants on the island and is a scavenger. He travels great distances and can cover a great deal of territory in one day. The…

  • Rosibell's Rain Dance
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    Rosibell’s Rain Dance

    It is said it takes a village to raise a child, but can one girl, dare to take a chance and save her community from a drought? After raining for days in the rain forest, Rosibell, her family and the whole village face an unforeseen problem.  The rain had stopped, and they started to run out of water. Everyone was getting very grumpy and concerned as the situation became more desperate.  Days and weeks went by without rain.  Everyone had to share the remaining water, drinking just a bit each day. Late one night, Rosibell, remembered a story her abuela told her long ago.  She told her about how she…

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    Low Carb Jungle Pizza

    Try this easy to make pizza at home. Reheat your oven to 400 Roast or saute vegetables. I like onions and green peppers with a bit of olive oil and tons of garlic. I often pat the veggies with a paper towel to remove any oil. While you are cooking your veggies place 1 or 2 large tortillas on you oven rack, nothing below so they toast up. ..flip once without burning them get them golden brown and dry. Add sauce to the toasted tortillas, not much just enough to lightly coat. Add cheese regular or my favorite sliced fresh mozzarella. Add veggies, olives, red pepper flakes, oregano or any…